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  • built-up air conditioner
built-up air conditioner

built-up air conditioner

  • Product description: The air volume of the combined clean air conditioning unit ranges from 3500 m3/h to 2000 m3/h. There are 30 specifications and 12 functional sections for users to choose and combine freely. It is main
ZK series combined air conditioning unit is our company's experience of professional production of air conditioning units for decades. Dezhou Chunyi air conditioning production is developed by introducing advanced technology and production technology based on the advantages of similar units at home and abroad. The unit can cool, dry, heat, humidify, filter and purify the air, and has the function of silencing noise. It can be widely used in shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, gymnasiums and other places requiring centralized air treatment, as well as in hospital operating rooms, pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, food, precision instrument manufacturing and other clean air conditioning occasions.

ZK 系列组合式空调机组分通用型机组( ZK )、净化型机组( ZKJ )两种。处理风量 2000 ~ 300000m 3 /h 。我公司生产的空调机组各项性能(如冷、热量、噪音、密封性)目前均已达到国内领先水平。

ZK series combined air conditioning units are divided into two types: general purpose unit (ZK) and purification unit (ZKJ). The treated air volume ranged from 2000 to 300000 m 3/h. The performance of air conditioning units produced by our company (such as cooling, heat, noise, sealing) has reached the leading level in China.


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